A periodontist is a dental care provider who is specially trained to work with your dentist in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and in the placement, maintenance and repair of dental implants.
As a periodontist, my philosophy is to follow conservative treatment protocols, and help our patients maintain their natural teeth as long as possible.
In the initial stages, periodontal disease can be managed conservatively and non-surgically. In advanced stages a surgical option may become more practical in stopping periodontal disease.
For each case, there could be more than one treatment option available and there can be many treatment phases to reach the end result. In our office, we make sure to:

  • Allow time for our patients to understand their best treatment options, review details and answer any questions in a meeting room with the periodontist, immediately after initial clinical examination.
  • Offer a careful evaluation of each patient’s individual needs and concerns.
  • Customize a treatment plan for each patient.
  • Work diligently with patients to maximize their home care routines.
  • Follow up with patient after treatment to maintain the achieved results.

Dr. Samuel Korkis, Dr. Douglas L. Sweeney and our team are here to help you achieve a healthier, stronger and more attractive smile. You can learn more about our periodontal and other oral health treatments in Troy, Michigan, in the following links.

If you have a concern about the health of the soft tissues of your mouth or would like to learn more about how our periodontists can improve your smile through implant dentistry, call our office at (248) 267-8900 for more information.